Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Time to treat your house for the holiday season

A house is a place which is often getting neglected although it’s a hero in our life. Whether is a day after or the day out, our house is a stretch serving for us like a our little cave making us warm and dry throughout our lives.

Now this is the best time to treat your house during this holiday season by picking some love. This will allow your house to regain its freshness and optimal performance by spending a little amount of money and efforts. By doing this you will be having some lessen off days in result of maximum happiness for you and your home. 

The first thing you have to do is to change the faucet aerators, this little change will bring a huge difference in the performance of the faucet aerators. You can easily replace the aerators by yourself by replacing the tiny metal discs through which the water passes on its way out of a nozzle. This will allow a low and better water pressure and which can lead to mineral buildup as well, similar to the clogged artery in the heart.

If the faucet is still unable to work properly then its better to buy the new ones from the hardware store. Instead of buying the faucet, you can only replace the aerator for each of the faucet and the shower head in your home. By doing this you will be having a low flow, which will reduce the water consumption and no effect on water pressure. For that reason you will have to plug the drain first, so for that reason the parts will not fall in. You will have to unscrew the tips of each of the faucet. If the worn aerator does not drop out, you will have to use your finger nail which will help in prying it off. Mineral deposits have to be wiped out from the nozzle opening, switch the new aerators and its done. You will have to clean the deposits from the shower heads as well, and it's better if you replace the new install shower head. 

We all have experienced the chapping and cracking on our skin during the winter season, similarly your house suffers as well during the winter season. Cold and dry weather pull out the moisture out from the doors and the woodworks. A humid moisture in the house will seal these cracks and make the woods expand with the moisture. It acts like a moisturizer for the house. There is an appliance which is consists of a box and a fan along with the water supply and filter. The purpose of water is to bring the moisture in the air, having a box with a fan. For the winter season, the humidity has to be controlled at 40% minimum.

Furnitures and rugs are the cause of blocking the air circulation, these hurdles will reduce the heating efficiency which will definitely cause a damage to the heating system which will burn out the fan motors of the furnace by using commercial cleaning Sydney.

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