Friday, 28 June 2013

‘Casey Kids Playhouse’ facing troubles after advertising sexy parties

The children play centre ‘Casey Kids Playhouse’ is facing troubles from the last week when some couples advertised sexy party invitation on Craigslist and other websites. This ad was featured some nude pictures of the play centre’s owners.
In this ad, it was promised to have a full fun time together in party and this party to be held in complete premises.
After getting ad, Melbourne Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal has shot down the play house and start investigation on this ad. Sources inform that six couples participated in swingers parties on weekly basis.   

This play house was basically used to arrange children play centre. Even, a mother has booked his son’s fourth birthday at this venue that has to be organized after one day of this incident. After getting this advertisement, mother commented that the pictures are very disgusting for her and all of her guests are also disgusted those photos. She further added, “'I heard the rumour last week but didn't do anything with it until I had proof. This is so morally wrong, not to mention unhygienic.”
It was really unethical and disgusting advertisement by adults on websites. The ad includes words, “Please, no single men need respond. The party venue (not a home) has many features like a laser light show, fog machine, great sound system, games, a giant ball pit and a jumping castle, and an awesome time will be had by all''.
Bernie Geary, who is a children and young people principal commissioner, is really disappointing on this act by adults. He said that this is just off act, he has no words to say anything about this ad. 
On this incident, city Casey manager Duncan Turner said, “Council is currently investigating reports that the Casey Kids Play House is allegedly being used for a purpose outside its planning permit. While Council continues its investigations, a Planning Contravention Notice has been issued to the operators. This requires the immediate cessation of the use of the land for purposes outside its planning permit.”

This is a really sad act because the play centre that is being used for celebrating children parties was hosted by a swinger’s party by adults. Let’s see whether this playhouse is reopened for children or not after the completion of investigation. 

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